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As the sun sets down, even clouds travel to reach their home early!


View from world’s tallest building :)

Dusty Weather

Dusty Weather –  A view from 124th floor  Burj Khalifa – Dubai

Every Dawn is promise for new day!

Electric Wires

With it’s color combination, nature is perfect..



Competition between waves, who will reach the rock first?


Beach view @Bekal Fort, Kasargod-Kerala

Every object has beauty when it is observed by a right angle..

At the Top observatory – Roof from 124th floor @Burj Khalifa

At the Top observatory – Roof from 124th floor @Burj Khalifa

Open the windows of your heart & allow the hope to get in…

Paned window

Paned window @Burj Khalifa

Looks like finally sun is melting into droplets


I was traveling with my wife in Wonder Bus @Dubai Creek Area. During that time I captured this Sunset view. It’s one of my favorites cos it looks as if its taken inside from a bus which is drowning.

I re-posted it from my blog 🙂

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