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As the sun sets down, even clouds travel to reach their home early!


Ugly beauty!


Amorphophallus paeoniifolius flower (Elephant foot yam / Whitespot giant arum / Stink lily)

Fresh morning with dew drops….

Violet Catharanthus roseus (Nitya Pushpa) Flower

Purple-Violet Catharanthus roseus (Nitya Pushpa) Flower

Every Dawn is promise for new day!

Electric Wires

Every ride in life has it’s own feelings… It’s all depends on how you see it..

Auto Rickshaw

Driver’s eye view from the inside of an Auto rickshaw

Waiting for Dad to return from office… :-) He promised me cookies…



He is a pet cat in my  In-law’s house. He is very sharp & hates it when somebody tries to give him a belly rub, strange!!!!. I will post more photos of Chinku & his younger brother soon…