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Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase…


Man-made temporary stone-staircase

Most important part of life, WATER…


There can be bend in the road but not end for human desire!



Sometimes you get happiness by watching things,which shows unexpected beauty…..

Roof of the hut

Water drops falling from the roof of the hut

Just living is not enough said the flower, bringing happiness & smile thats what matters…

Yellow flower

White Ixora  Flower

Hanging around with friends :) Its fun time..

Java Apple

Java Apple Fruit

If your mind is like Stagnant water, it’s always impure… Let it always flow with fresh ideas

Water pond

Water pond used for Agricultural Purpose

Ant: Welcome, this is main entrance to my House!

Red Stone Wall

Red Stone Wall

Sweet Home

Hole in the Wall

This hole is a closer view of red stoned wall. This photo was taken last year when I went to meet my wife’s grand parents for the 1st time. This is front view of the house.