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Standing alone in darkness, hoping to last till morning!


Outdoor night camping lantern

Open the windows of your heart & allow the hope to get in…

Paned window

Paned window @Burj Khalifa

Imagination has strongest wings, even in 124th floor it takes the form of guitar :)

At the Top observatory - Upside view from 124th floor  Burj Khalifa

At the Top observatory – Upside view from 124th floor  Burj Khalifa

No No, I am not lazy! I just started my weekend ealry :)


Stray Cat

This cute cat usually roams & sleeps near to my office Security room

Just like in humans there are 2 types in fire – One that burns everything & one that destroys the darkness…



Show something to the world, which will create a strong stamp on your life & which make others to follow it!!

Foot prints

My foot prints @Arabian Sea shore, Uchila

I was yummy before they ate me up!

Palm fruit Shell

Palm fruit Shell (Borassus flabellifer /  Tale Hannu)

A new pair of shoes can change everything about you.. Proof-Cinderella :)


This has been shot with my Samsung ace S5830. I gifted this pair of shoes to my sweet heart & she wanted me to take photo of those..

Hanging around with friends :) Its fun time..

Java Apple

Java Apple Fruit

Author narrated the story in a different style. I liked it 🙂


When I first saw this book I just loved the title. Wow so romantic! I thought its a love story between two. This year rainy season I bought this book thinking this will be good to read when its raining out side, what can be better than  reading love stories when its raining out side with a mug of hot coffee and spicy snacks 🙂

Its a love story but for my surprise its  not love between two, but 2 girls falling in love with a married man and trying to get him. Amazing twists and turns in the beginning. But its kind of predictable at the end. Loved the book because its so simple and the language used is very understandable. When I was reading I felt as if I was seeing those characters acting in front of me, the concept of the story is so alive. The story line is good its not disappointing.


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Transparent Crystal Soil

"Crystal Soil"

These are crystal soil. Crystal Soil is a water absorbent that is transparent, odorless, bio-degradable, re-usable and environmentally friendly. It comes in different colors. When soaked in water it gets bigger in size and can use as soil for plants