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Let the festival of light bring Happiness…


Deepavali celebration @home – Sharjah

Valentine’s day gift from My sweet heart! Whats better gift than a lens?

Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM Lens

Valentine Gift : Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM Lens

Love Certificate

Love certificate from my lovely wife

How deep is this?


Waiting for Dad to return from office… :-) He promised me cookies…



He is a pet cat in my  In-law’s house. He is very sharp & hates it when somebody tries to give him a belly rub, strange!!!!. I will post more photos of Chinku & his younger brother soon…

Salt & lemon gives the final taste to cocktails……

Bloody mary cocktail

Bloody Mary cocktail

A lovely evening walk can bring back lovely memories…

Evening View

Catchy view inside the Olympic Stadium, Munich

Show something to the world, which will create a strong stamp on your life & which make others to follow it!!

Foot prints

My foot prints @Arabian Sea shore, Uchila

Love in the Air…. Everywhere….

An Airshow by Aviators

I found this on the way to my office somewhere near to Dubai Bypass Road. This has been shot with my Samsung ace S5830

1st Valentine’s Day celebration with Love Bee ♥♥♥

Valentine's Day... Cheers

Valentine's Day... Cheers

Valentine's Day... Cheers

Your Love to me is like,

Beer When I am thirsty

Drug When I am sick

Pillow When I wanna lay down

Sweets song which puts me in sleep

A warm shoulder when I weep…

-Lines framed for me by my Sweet Heart (Dolly)

Love bond b/w me & my sweet heart


Your Love is Strong but not forceful

Your Love is True but you never asked anything in return

Your Love has no Boundaries, has no Restrictions

That’s why I started realizing; Your Love is Treasure

  If I lose it, I’ll get it NO WHERE…

   Lines framed for me by my Sweet Heart (Dolly)