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As the sun sets down, even clouds travel to reach their home early!


I may try to get up and walk someday!

Stem Root

Roots of Areca Palm

Most important part of life, WATER…


Innovative ideas doesn’t need a genius mind, but suitable situation!

Wooden Bridge

Wooden bridge used in villages to cross the small  water streams.

Budding beauty!

Banana fruit & inflorescence

Banana inflorescence & insect


Banana Plant showing fruit and inflorescence

How deep is this?


Every Dawn is promise for new day!

Electric Wires

Sometimes you get happiness by watching things,which shows unexpected beauty…..

Roof of the hut

Water drops falling from the roof of the hut

Mother nature offers Peace of Mind to everyone in her presence…

River bank

River bank @Kapu, Karnataka

A lovely evening walk can bring back lovely memories…

Evening View

Catchy view inside the Olympic Stadium, Munich

I was yummy before they ate me up!

Palm fruit Shell

Palm fruit Shell (Borassus flabellifer /  Tale Hannu)

Who is gorgeous amongst the flower & the flower bud???

Nandi battalu / Crape Jasmine

Nandi battalu / Crape Jasmine

Its a place which is green and peaceful, where our food grows is our mother land..

Agricultural field

Agricultural field

Nature kept trees on guard around the river, but greedy human already destroyed half of it for sure..

River Bank

River bank in front of Weltenburg Abbey Church