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Let the festival of light bring Happiness…


Deepavali celebration @home – Sharjah

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase…


Man-made temporary stone-staircase

View from world’s tallest building :)

Dusty Weather

Dusty Weather –  A view from 124th floor  Burj Khalifa – Dubai

Innovative ideas doesn’t need a genius mind, but suitable situation!

Wooden Bridge

Wooden bridge used in villages to cross the small  water streams.

People can show what they want you to see.. Sometimes even reflection can show only half of the object!

Maruti Swift


Every Dawn is promise for new day!

Electric Wires

Standing alone in darkness, hoping to last till morning!


Outdoor night camping lantern

Human desire and fire never gets enough…


Fire from Ganapati Yajna

There can be bend in the road but not end for human desire!



Every ride in life has it’s own feelings… It’s all depends on how you see it..

Auto Rickshaw

Driver’s eye view from the inside of an Auto rickshaw

Climbing to the top to experience the beauty of nature, which can’t be expressed in words…

Fort view

Fort view @Bekal Fort, Kasargod-Kerala

Sometimes you get happiness by watching things,which shows unexpected beauty…..

Roof of the hut

Water drops falling from the roof of the hut

There is nothing called readymade path, you have to walk to make your own path in life..


Path made by walking on the grass

Every object has beauty when it is observed by a right angle..

At the Top observatory – Roof from 124th floor @Burj Khalifa

At the Top observatory – Roof from 124th floor @Burj Khalifa

Open the windows of your heart & allow the hope to get in…

Paned window

Paned window @Burj Khalifa

Imagination has strongest wings, even in 124th floor it takes the form of guitar :)

At the Top observatory - Upside view from 124th floor  Burj Khalifa

At the Top observatory – Upside view from 124th floor  Burj Khalifa

Just like in humans there are 2 types in fire – One that burns everything & one that destroys the darkness…



Show something to the world, which will create a strong stamp on your life & which make others to follow it!!

Foot prints

My foot prints @Arabian Sea shore, Uchila

Its a place which is green and peaceful, where our food grows is our mother land..

Agricultural field

Agricultural field