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As the sun sets down, even clouds travel to reach their home early!


People can show what they want you to see.. Sometimes even reflection can show only half of the object!

Maruti Swift


With it’s color combination, nature is perfect..



Standing alone in darkness, hoping to last till morning!


Outdoor night camping lantern

I was yummy before they ate me up!

Palm fruit Shell

Palm fruit Shell (Borassus flabellifer /  Tale Hannu)

I am in search of this guy called Jack sparrow.. He used my name without permission!!!


Sparrow @my balcony

I found a sparrow in my balcony which was like real brave. Because it didn’t try to fly away when I opened the door. Never mind the dust in the balcony, because I stay in 1st floor & its always the victim of Sandstorm.

Where ever I go…this shadow guy tries to follow me, Copy Cat!


I found this Cute Cat in the Security Room @Office. When I saw this photo I felt Cat is feeling that the shadow he sees is following him like a Copy Cat.

This has been shot with my Samsung ace S5830