Awesome Blog Content Award

Awesome Blogging Content awardAgain!! I have been nominated for another blog award!  Few days back I received this award but couldn’t post about it because it needs lot of things to be written.

This time its ABC award (Awesome Blog Content Award). I have been nominated by, thanks a lot!

In the acceptance of the award, one is to write something using the alphabet in any way you choose. Here I go:

A-    “ARABIAN NIGHTS” is the book which I always wanted to read in my childhood and till now I couldn’t  read

B-      I am crazy about BAMBOO plants

C-      I love CATS

D-     My sweet hearts name starts from D so I love the letter

E-  When I was young (when I didn’t even start going to school) I thought ELEPHANTS come out of EGGS

F-      I don’t like people FAKING everywhere

G-     I don’t bother about GOVERNMENT or political matters

H-     I HATE  smoking! Yes seriously

I-        I am what I am and what I want to be( I don’t even know what it is J )

J-       I watched JUNGLE BOOK movie recently a month back

K-      I believe everyone has KEYS for their success but they have to find it

L-      LOVE is what keeps me going in life

M-    Watching MOVIES  is my favorite time pass

N-     I turn into a NINJA when my mobile phone rings in another room

O-     I am always OPEN for new thing which are good

P-      PHOTOGRAPHY is what I do and what I like to do in my free time

Q-     Its always difficult for me to answer every QUESTION

R-      I like to watch romantic movies and like romantic dinners with my sweet heart

S-      I have never ending likes for SHOES

T-     I want to TRAVEL and explore as many counties as possible.

U-     I always preferred UMBRELLA to rain coats

V-     I love to read VAMPIRE NOVELS

W-   WINTER is my favorite season

X-      I usually don’t use much words starting from X

Y-      I watched a YO YO show last month, and that was my first time

Z-      ZZZZZ.. I am felling sleepy right now

Hope it didn’t bore you. Now I have to nominate few bloggers for this award.

Once again thanks to Takingsnaps. I think this award will help to know more new bloggers as it is chain award and keeps passing from one to another.

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