Where ever I go…this shadow guy tries to follow me, Copy Cat!


I found this Cute Cat in the Security Room @Office. When I saw this photo I felt Cat is feeling that the shadow he sees is following him like a Copy Cat.

This has been shot with my Samsung ace S5830

18 thoughts on “Where ever I go…this shadow guy tries to follow me, Copy Cat!”

  1. Perhaps this cat is copying you!!! Love the photo. Thank you for sharing! And, I love your theme. I’m using it on my WeedImageoftheDay and I really like its presentation abilities!

  2. Ow, in the future, I would like to put you as one of my featured blog. I just need to use one of your pictures. Don’t worry, I will link your blog to it. If you allow me..?

  3. This is exactly why I love this blog. The way you put words in your magnificent shots is just thought-provoking, subtle and sometimes just plain amusing.

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