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I am going to huant you, even after you eat me!! Grrahhh!!!


Seafood Fish

All my friends ordered this fish for dinner. As a vegetarian I didn’t eat it. But the fish was really scary with all big teeth. So I thought of capturing the photo & sharing with you all….

Stuffed rats.. Noooo…. just kidding, yummy stuffed chilles :)

Stuffed Chilly Potato

Stuffed Chilly Potato

First time I had this @Irish Village, Dubai-UAE. Potato along with cornflour, basen & spices coated upon big green chillies. Wonderful snack stuffed chilly potatoes tastes delicious with mint chutney.

Every new day comes with a new essence of life…

Cioco Crock Coffee

Lino’s Coffee Shop @Burjuman Center UAE has massive variety of coffees & Cardamom flavored Cioco Crock Coffee is one of  them.