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The Versatile Blogger and Kreative Blogger awards!

This is really wonderful feeling to get 3 awards with in a week time. This two different awards are given by two amazing bloggers.

The Versatile blogger award   Kreative blogger award

Versatile blogger award is given by : Takingsnaps

Versatile Blogger and Kreative Blogger awards are given by : Purplebooky

My big thanks to both I am really honored. According to the rules here I will have to write few things about myself.

  • I am mad about photography, when people ask me to click their photos I always end up taking pictures of flowers, river, butterflies and sunset rather than their photos.
  • I cant remember story of a movie after few  months, so every movie is like a newly released movie for me.
  •  I am addicted to books ( sometimes I think I would have got better marks if I studied my academic books the way I read novels now)

Now I would like to give this awards to my fellow bloggers, who really deserve this are: