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Innovative ideas doesn’t need a genius mind, but suitable situation!

Wooden Bridge

Wooden bridge used in villages to cross the small  water streams.

Step back in time…

Wood burning Cook Stove

In rural and semi-urban parts of India, stove heated by burning bio-mass fuels (charcoal, animal dung, wood, agricultural residues).  A wood burning cook stove is just that Рa stove that is powered by wood instead of another fuel. Cooking on a wood burning cook stove is a pure talent. Knowing when to add wood and when to stoke the fire will slowly come to the novice cook, and your wood burning stove will become just as reliable as any other gas or electric model. In addition to providing a great cooking and baking surface, wood cook stoves provide something extra heat.

Pruning & Gardening Knife..

It’s a very old cutting tool. Before it was commonly used in agricultural purposes & grass cutting. Even though its kinda vanishing now still u can find here & there in villages.