5 thoughts on “Working since decades.. Government property!”

  1. This amazes me, Googsy…for here in Chicago, public sources of water such as this have been removed. I guess they want people to buy water in plastic bottles…then throw the bottles in the streets and parking lots, where they remain sometimes for years. Nice capture of a very old practice…it is so simply designed, which must contribute to the fact it remains working.

    1. Oh! That is not good now, is it? It will cause more pollution! But in India still this system is there, Where people build this type of public drinking water system in memories of their parents or ancestors.. But the one I captured here is quite old one and not in a good working condition, I doubt anyone uses that.

      1. Oh, that’s too bad, Googsy…but very interesting the reason for these sources of water. Perhaps the spirituality of the Indian people is greater than that of our people in the USA, as the Indian concentrates more on future generations!

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