8 thoughts on “Some people breath the air, but some ART!”

  1. The statue has a very wise, understanding expression, Googsy…necessary in a helper of us…the sometimes crazy human beings, yes? I love to see statues like this, as each has its own attributes…and the detail is so very fascinating!

      1. Thanks.. this is great information. Yes this one is Lord Hanuman’s statue.. That one particularly caught my attention because of its wings, and its in main entrance. There are lots of statues in different shapes and structure. Your link shows the photos taken from same place. Thanks for sharing..

    1. This statue is of ”Deva gana”. Deva in Sanskrit language means GOD and Gana means TROOP or FLOCK. This Deva gana is helper of god according to Indian belief. You can say they are like angels.

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