Human desire and fire never gets enough…


Fire from Ganapati Yajna

15 thoughts on “Human desire and fire never gets enough…”

  1. My parents have a big wood burning fireplace and I love to sit by a good roaring fire in the winter. Our home has the gas type which is supposedly more energy efficient, but not nearly as charming as a “real” fire. Great to see on this snowy day!

      1. Yes, I also love being near a fireplace…with that marvelous aroma of burning wood–nothing can replace it! BTW, I awoke this morning to a trace of snow here, meaning winter is on its way!

    1. Yes.. its hard to draw fire I guess.. Its important to get the flames right.. I don’t know much about drawing but I enjoy looking at drawings from your blog 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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