5 thoughts on “Relaxing here, lying against the morning breeze…”

  1. Beautifully done, Googsy…and by the way, I really do not think your ‘eye’ deserves the criticism…it is your image, NOT HIS, to present as it pleases you! I like its ‘softness’, and I also often include the surrounding leaves for textural interest and contrast.

      1. Truth and nasty criticisms are NOT the same thing. As an artist (which you are) you create what you see in your head and heart…let no one sway you away from that!

  2. I would have cropped this shot much closer rather that plunk the flower dead center in the frame. The flower itself appears at least 1/2 stop underexposed but a small levels adjustment could easily correct that. The flower is sharp as a tack, interesting & with great detail. Well done!

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