19 thoughts on “Don’t fall for my orange flowers, they are plastic :)”

  1. I went to SeaWorld a couple of days ago, which I think has the best landscaping of any of the parks and attractions here. Unfortunately, at the entrance to the shark exhibit where they once had beautiful flowers, they have replaced them all with plastic plants. I complained to management. lol

  2. Hi, can I ask how you make your watermark with the image? or what you use? and also.. what are you using for your watermark, signature.. I love it.. (sorry for the questions.. I’m a newbie and trying to figure it all out! ) Thanks in advance!

  3. My husband has wanted one for quite some time – this one looks pretty realistic. If we got one we wouldn’t have to worry about N Texas unpredictable weather.

  4. Unnecessary confession. If you know a thing about cacti, you’d know they were not the right kind of flower! 😉 The pot? Plastic too, of course. Too cute.

  5. Nice pic! Love the honesty!! I kill cactus. In fact, I think I kill them faster than ferns, which in my understanding is the opposite of most folks. My one grandmother grew violets and another had desert cacti. Evidently my green thumb is one sided as violets love me and no matter how hard I try I kill cacti.

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