18 thoughts on “Making your own path is called as Hard Work & finding an existing path is called as Smart Work…”

  1. once again, great message w/ a great photo. love the shadows of the palms along the path… lets us see what is above by looking down & forward : )

  2. Just wanted to stop by to say thanks for liking my post a few days ago (http://249be35thst.wordpress.com/). Figured I’d return the favor and LOVE what I see, especially today’s image. It reminds me of a trip I once took to Jamaica. Thanks for stirring up a memory for me. It was a good one. 😉

  3. The angle on this is really nice because we can tell the path goes somewhere but still we’re visually fully enclosed without being able to see far enough ahead to know where it leads. There’s a sort of mystery here. Also it’s interesting how the top half of the photo is almost nothing but plants and the bottom half is entirely bricks. The composition is thus divided into top and bottom, but united by the path which narrows due to distance and leads us from the bottom half into the top half. 🙂

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