36 thoughts on “Juicy fruit with delicious nut..”

  1. How awesome!! I love cashew – the fruit and the nut.. Not many people know that each fruit only produces that one nut.. So think of how many you need in a pack.. hehe
    I remember as a kid eating the fruit and my mouth feeling all weird from the starchy milk.. My dad would roast the nuts and that too, you had to be careful of the oils..

    Great Pic

    1. Thanks..:) Yes It tastes weird but I like it with salt.. It tastes awesome with little salt. We have quite big plantation of cashew nut in native. Its cashew season now and I miss it!

    1. Good eye Christine – I can see that image too lol. Cashews are divine and it’s cool to see where they originate. I’ve never seen it before.

  2. Do you know that you can eat this fruit but not the cashew yet till it is processed properly and the shell on it is removed? If you eat the cashew just like this, the covering on it is quite toxic!

    good take 🙂

    1. Thanks.. Yes I like this fruit with salt and I used to eat a lot of these in my childhood. You are right Sakhi, cashew nut should be taken out from shell and it should be processed before eating.

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