Sunshine Award, Very Inspiring Blogger Award & many more…

I have been nominated for lot of awards lately and due to work I couldn’t post about this. This time I got four awards at a time and I am very happy and honored.  I believe that this chain awards will help to know more amazing blogs and talented bloggers.

I am honored to be chosen for this awards from wonderful blogger- My special thanks to her.

My first award is “Sunshine award”. I try to spread sun shine with smiles and happiness 🙂

The next award is “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”. I am glad that people find my blog inspiring. I always wanted to make photography inspiring with quotes which will inspire to live, laugh and be happy in life.

I have received the same ”Very inspiring blog award” from Thanks a lot 🙂

The next award is “Hug Award”. Its very encouraging and its about to live with the hope and spread it through hugs globally.

And this is “Genuine blogger award”. I am glad that people found my blog genuine. Thanks to, for nominating this award to me.

The rules of accepting “The Sunshine Award” – question and answer time,

What is your favorite color? : Blue

Favorite Animal? : Cat

Favorite Number? : 4

Favorite Non-Alcholic Drink? : Lemonade

Prefer Facebook or Twitter? : Facebook

My Passion? : Photography

Prefer Getting Or Giving Gifts? : Both

Favorite Day Of The Week? : Thursday

Favorite Flowers? : Red Rose

The Genuine Blogger does not have any rules to pass on, as for the Hug (Hope Unites Globally) award there is no particular rule.

Now time to nominate 10 bloggers for awards-

Congratulations to all!

Now visit to all these blogs &,,

27 thoughts on “Sunshine Award, Very Inspiring Blogger Award & many more…”

  1. Congratulations on your many awards for your deserving blog…and thank you for sharing them with me, too. You are very kind…very thoughtful. Thank you again. 🙂

  2. Congratulations. It’s well deserved, your blog is really great. And thank you so much for the nomination!

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