The Versatile Blogger and Kreative Blogger awards!

This is really wonderful feeling to get 3 awards with in a week time. This two different awards are given by two amazing bloggers.

The Versatile blogger award   Kreative blogger award

Versatile blogger award is given by : Takingsnaps

Versatile Blogger and Kreative Blogger awards are given by : Purplebooky

My big thanks to both I am really honored. According to the rules here I will have to write few things about myself.

  • I am mad about photography, when people ask me to click their photos I always end up taking pictures of flowers, river, butterflies and sunset rather than their photos.
  • I cant remember story of a movie after few  months, so every movie is like a newly released movie for me.
  •  I am addicted to books ( sometimes I think I would have got better marks if I studied my academic books the way I read novels now)

Now I would like to give this awards to my fellow bloggers, who really deserve this are:

14 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger and Kreative Blogger awards!”

      1. I appreciate your comments about my blog. I have attached to it. I have not figured out some aspects of it yet, but I’m learning.

  1. Woohoo!!!

    This one’s truly is an honor. This is my third Versatile Blog Award for the last two weeks. I’m very flattered. And to be in that list of great blog, I feel like I don’t belong.

    Thank You. I’m proud of this one esp. it’s coming from you. Thank You.

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