What’ll you name it..??

Art on Wall

This is an Art found on the ceiling of Atlantis Hotel, Dubai. This art gave me various thoughts. I found it very interesting. I am eager to know what others think about it. So please let me know …

What’ll you name it..??

20 thoughts on “What’ll you name it..??”

  1. This is so beautiful! I love the rich jewel toned colors. I love your photographs and mine pale by comparison, but practice makes perfect as they say. Thanks for visiting my site today and clicking the like button. It is encouraging! ~ Lynda

  2. That a painting of the sea is on a ceiling caught my eye….some humor by the artist? I love the colors. I might name it “The Sea on the Ceiling” or “The Sea Above Us”

  3. ‘The Art Of Creation is still Evolving.”

    Which is true… The waters of this world have the most undiscovered and most evolving living things lurking under the waves. People say aliens will come from space. I think we will first marvel at what comes from the Seas. But, I am a little strange and a little too nerdy!

    Nice capture!

  4. I am extremely bad at giving titles so I will tell you what I like about it. I think that the sea horse and squid are very well drawn and that it is a fun underwater interpretation. I could look at it for hours and never tire of it. Who is the guy with the angry eyes?

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