Author narrated the story in a different style. I liked it šŸ™‚


When I first saw this book I just loved the title. Wow so romantic! I thought its a love story between two. This year rainy season I bought this book thinking this will be good to read when its raining out side, what can beĀ betterĀ than Ā reading love stories when its raining out side with a mug of hot coffee and spicy snacks šŸ™‚

Its a love story but for my surprise its Ā not love between two, but 2 girls falling in love with a married man and trying to get him. Amazing twists and turns in the beginning. But its kind of predictable at the end. Loved the bookĀ becauseĀ its so simple and the language used is very understandable. When I was reading I felt as if I was seeing those characters actingĀ in frontĀ of me, the concept of the story is so alive. The story line is good its notĀ disappointing.


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