Love bond b/w me & my sweet heart


Your Love is Strong but not forceful

Your Love is True but you never asked anything in return

Your Love has no Boundaries, has no Restrictions

That’s why I started realizing; Your Love is Treasure

  If I lose it, I’ll get it NO WHERE…

   Lines framed for me by my Sweet Heart (Dolly)

32 thoughts on “Love bond b/w me & my sweet heart”

  1. Hey, I see you around in lots of places, but you don’t post. Get youself back here and post something for me! 🙂

  2. How amazing! I just “invented” a variation on this gesture just last week! Mine puts the first & 2nd knuckles of the first and second fingers together — but otherwise it’s the exact same idea! Great minds think alike! How nice to “meet” you.

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